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Local 50 Dive Site Challenge

Peter Point


Dive challenge map


Dive with our Local Dive Program on dive sites listed below and complete the challenge!

Participants will receive upon completion of all 50 dive sites:

1. One year FREE Platinum Membership

2. Certificate of completion displayed in our store

3. Certificate of completion for yourself


1. Divers must be a current MASS Diving Gold or Silver member to participate.

2. Dives must be conducted on our MASS Diving shore and boat dive program led by one of our staff. Dives made prior to January 1, 2014 do not apply to this program.

3. There is no time limit to complete the challenge.

4. Divers will receive a card that we will punch at our store. We will also keep a record at our store in case you lose your card.

5. 25 completed dive site reward: One free boat charter to be used on our boat dive program.


Gloucester Dive Sites - 9

Shore Dive

1. Plum Cove
2. Folly Cove
3. Lanes Cove
4. Bass Rocks
5. Niles Beach
6. Stage Fort Park
7. Salt Island

Boat Dive

8. Wreck Chester Poling*
9. Brace Cove

* Requires Advanced certification.


Rockport Dive Sites - 18
Magnolia, Manchester, Beverly Dive Sites - 20

Shore Dive

10. Old Garden Beach
11. Front Beach
12. Back Beach
13. Cathedral Rocks
14. Halibut Point
15. Pebble Beach
16. Hoop Pole Cove
17. Whale Cove
18. Gap Cove
19. Loblolly Cove

Boat Dive

20. Green Can off Old Garden Beach
21. Dry Salvages
22. Rockport Breakwater
23. Wreck Chelsea*
24. Wreck Charles Haight
25. Thatcher Island
26. Milk Island
27. Straightsmouth Island

Shore Dive

28. Norman's Woe
29. Magnolia Rocks
30. Popplestone Ledge
31. Whites Beach

Boat Dive

32. Boo Hoo Ledge
33. Burnham Ledge*
34. 1000 Windows
35. S & M
36. Landy Land
37. Kettle Island
38. Egg Rock
39. Pickett Ledge
40. Wreck U.S.S. New Hampshire
41. Salt Rock
42. Paddock Rock
43. Newcomb Ledge

44. Halfway Rock*
45. Saturday Night Ledge*
46. Ledge-N-Dowski*
47. BFW

* Requires Advanced certification.


South Shore Dive Sites - 2

Shore Dive

48. Gun Rock, Hull, MA
49. Flag Rock, Plymouth, MA


RI Dive Sites - 1

Shore Dive

50. Fort Wetherill, Jamestown, RI


Platinum Member Dive Program

• 50% Off rental equipment use
• $6.00 Air fills
• 10% Off equipment purchase (except where it falls below manufacturer's minimum pricing policy, sale & closeout items)
• 25% Off equipment purchases with no manufacturer's minimum price
• $15 Shore dive fee waived
• Membership cannot be purchased, only earned

• Membership is good for one year from certificate date

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