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Scubapro Regulator MK11 S360Scubapro R095insight

Scubapro MK11 S360 Regulator

Scubapro R095 Octopus

Insight Dive Computer



Reg. $1193.95
Save $548.95!


Worthington LP Steel 95 tank

Worthington Low Pressure 95

steel Tanks


Only two left


O'Neill Mens 7mm Wetsuits

Sizes S, M, L

$100.00 to



Reg. $360.00

Save $210.00!


Dive Rite 905 Dry Suit
Sizes A (XS)

As in condition


Reg. $1750.00
Save $1250.05!

drysuit undergasrment

Dive Rite Undergarment

(Limited Quantities)


Reg. $425.00
Save $300!

DUI Actionwear Fleece

Jumpsuit 300


Reg. $210.00
Save $110.05!

Quantities are limited. Regulator system and BCDs will be fully serviced before sold.


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